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• final post ever~

okay guys, i’m going to sleep now, and like i said before, i’m not going to be answering messages from now on. i’m officially leaving. i’m relieved to finally leave this blog, but it’s been nice having you as followers and i’ll miss you all. :’)

here’s the link to my personal blog just in case you want it and can’t find it (even though it’s on my blog, lol). but don’t follow if you want only hp on your dash. seriously. oh and if you ask me a question there about this blog, i’d appreciate it if you do it off anon so i can answer privately. people i know irl follow me there and i’d rather keep them away from this blog, haha.

so.. yeah, bye everyone! <3 

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Anonymous said: I'm the one who asked you about the gifs and I understood what you said! Thank you so much ^.^

oh yay! you’re welcome :)

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harmony-y said: your blog is perfect, your gifs too

aw thank yoooou, bb :3

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Anonymous said: Please, can you tell me how do you put two gifs in one? Like in the third and fourth of the Hermione Graner "Brightest with of her age" photoset?

i didn’t do it the way others usually do it. i actually used the overlay method and then coloured one side of the base layers black.

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Anonymous said: Omg, I've totally missed that you're leaving this tumblr. I'll miss all your fantastic edits. Could I get the url to your other tumblr? (I'm probably just stupid that can't find it, but yeah)

i’m glad you liked my edits, anon. :’) here’s the link, but just so you know, i don’t make anything on my personal blog.

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haha, aw thank you! ^_______^ *hugs*

haha, aw thank you! ^_______^ *hugs*

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Anonymous said: how many followers did you have?

had 5850, but now it’s 5675. lol, i wonder how many of them are still unaware that i’m leaving this blog. x)

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Anonymous said: but are you still a potterhead?

yes, of course! hp will always be in my heart. just.. not giffing it, lol. 

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Anonymous said: your edits will be forever

well, since they’re on the internet, i guess they technically are, haha

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mrsronaldbiliusweasley said: What?? Why are you abandoning it? :/

tired of giffing hp and running this blog :c

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